ARENA: Supporting Local Peace Initiatives
ARENA: Supporting Local Peace Initiatives
March 18, 2018

The project “ARENA: Community Theatre and Public Art” was launched in 2015. The project is aimed at improving the impact of peacebuilding efforts by the civil society actors in the conflict affected post-Soviet area. For the last three years, the project initiators, Armenian NGO Peace Dialogue and OWEN e.V. in Germany, support peacebuilding and human rights activists as well as independent artists from the South Caucasus Region, Russian Federation and Ukraine in developing pro-active, art-based strategies and hands-on methodologies for the community-based peacebuilding.

In 2018 the teams in PD and OWEN will strive to support the local groups in implementing activities derived from their strategies, further strengthen the regional network and to involve new actors from the mentioned regions.

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The History-Theatre Workshop in Tbilisi

November 30, 2013

Collective memory gives people a sense of belonging. History helps to explain the world. A shared view of history can motivate people to take action that changes the future. These were the main massages that the organizers intended to pass to the participants of the History-Theatre workshop, held in Tbilisi from 17-24 of November, 2013.

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The Members of the Theatre of the Oppressed Club Presented Their First Performances for the Students in Vanadzor

October 30, 2013

The members of an evening activity club called Theatre of the Oppressed presented their first performances for the students of Vanadzor High School Number 11. It has already been two weeks since the club was first organized at Peace Dalogue NGO.

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Three Stories in One Film

September 16, 2013

“As a result, we have three short films: ‘Me,’ ‘Choice’ and ‘The Dreamers’ that were combined into one film entitled ‘To be young in…,’” said Edgar Khachatryan, the President of Peace Dialogue. All three films talk about the issues that relate to young people.

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South Caucasus Peace Organizations Develop a Strategy of Joint Activities

July 14, 2013

From July 5-9, 2013 Dutch organization IKV Pax Christi met with its South Caucasus partners in Istanbul. The aim of the meeting was to jointly create and develop a new methodology of strategic planning for cooperating peace organizations.

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July 11, 2013

According to PD staff, supporting young people to gain skills in documentary filmmaking and interactive theater will, first, give them an opportunity to face manipulations of history by sharing their stories with their peers and, second, have a contribution in shaping a history based on the memories of average people.PD՛s partner organization, CMI, provided each group with cameras and equipment.In this phase, the project aims to develop a youth movement for peace in the Nagorno Karabakh conflict region and simultaneously develop a critical view of history among the participants and a perception that they have an important role in shaping a collective memory.

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Fair Court has Issued its First Verdict

June 10, 2013

The simulated court trial, organized using the conflict modeling methodology, was presented to a number of Vanadzor citizens at the Green House Hotel. It was based on a true story. During the simulated court trial regarding the death of a soldier, the audience took on the roles of all parties and strove to achieve justice for their characters.

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Our Tree of Indifference has Born Fruit

April 08, 2013

On April 8, 2013, citizens of Vanadzor had an opportunity to harvest the fruits from the tree of their indifference. That day a group of activists from Peace Dialogue NGO organized an event called “The Tree of Our Indifference,” which took place at Artsakh Park of Vanadzor.

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