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  Peace Dialogue NGO is a non-religious, non-political organization, which was founded in 2009 in Armenia. Vision: The organization unites experienced human rights and peace activists from Eastern Partnership countries, Russia and Europe in order to encourage the active participation of the civil society in processes of democratization and peaceful resolution of conflicts. Mission: Through …

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Quarterly Report on the Human Rights Situation in the Armenian Armed Forces/ Vol.7

This report includes the latest analysis and covers the following topics: The concept “Nation-Army”: prospects of improvement of human rights conditions in the Armenian Military Forces; Health Checkups for Conscription and Medical Examination; The MOD Hinders the Demobilization of Officers; Statistics of fatalities in the Armenian Army in the first quarter of 2018; Information related to the investigation of the death of soldier David Terteryan; Information related to the investigation of private soldiers Grigor Avetisyan’s and Souren Aramyan’s death cases; Update on the court case of the death of Private Manuchar Manucharyan; Update on the court case of the death of Private Haroutyun Hambaryan.

January – March 2018
Three of the four fractions of the RA Parliament – the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA), the Tsarukyan Alliance and the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF)- avoided responding to the inquiry initiated by “Peace Dialogue” NGO regarding the “Nation-Army” concept.

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