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  Peace Dialogue NGO is a non-religious, non-political organization, which was founded in 2009 in Armenia. Vision: The organization unites experienced human rights and peace activists from Eastern Partnership countries, Russia and Europe in order to encourage the active participation of the civil society in processes of democratization and peaceful resolution of conflicts. Mission: Through …

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Quarterly Report on the Human Rights Situation in the Armenian Armed Forces (Vol.3)

Quarterly Report on the Human Rights Situation in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia (Vol.3)

The preparation of the Peace Dialogue’s current report on the Human Rights in the Armed Forces coincided with the campaigns of political parties running for the National Assembly that was held in April 2, 2017. Given the fact that all the political parties one way or another touched upon the issues of the armed forces, we decided, within the framework of this report, to refer to the provisions of electoral programs that discuss the situation of human rights in the armed forces.

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