About Peace Dialogue NGO


  Peace Dialogue NGO is a non-religious, non-political organization, which was founded in 2009 in Armenia. Vision: The organization unites experienced human rights and peace activists from Eastern Partnership countries, Russia and Europe in order to encourage the active participation of the civil society in processes of democratization and peaceful resolution of conflicts. Mission: Through …

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Methodological Guide on Creative Peace Building

Methodo logical Guide on Creative Peace Building

This guide is based on the systematization and analysis of experiences of the ARENA network members through the use of different artistic means in their community-based, peace-building work within their respective conflict-affected societies. The publication was compiled primarily to assist the staff in the organisations that work with peace-building efforts. It is also envisioned as a resource for anyone interested in community-based, peace activism. The methodological guide intends to encourage the reader to apply some of their own initiative and adapt the examples to the needs of their own communities and within their local context.

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