ARENA: Supporting Local Peace Initiatives
ARENA: Supporting Local Peace Initiatives
March 18, 2018

The project “ARENA: Community Theatre and Public Art” was launched in 2015. The project is aimed at improving the impact of peacebuilding efforts by the civil society actors in the conflict affected post-Soviet area. For the last three years, the project initiators, Armenian NGO Peace Dialogue and OWEN e.V. in Germany, support peacebuilding and human rights activists as well as independent artists from the South Caucasus Region, Russian Federation and Ukraine in developing pro-active, art-based strategies and hands-on methodologies for the community-based peacebuilding.

In 2018 the teams in PD and OWEN will strive to support the local groups in implementing activities derived from their strategies, further strengthen the regional network and to involve new actors from the mentioned regions.

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A Group Discussion Workshop with Women’s Peace Agency project participants

March 21, 2016
Photo: © 2016, Peace Dialogue, Armine Zakaryan, “Women’s Peace Agency” Group Discussion Workshop in Yerevan.

Through the grant from CMI, Peace Dialogue provided financial support to a total of five projects. In two of the projects the participants were mainly young people. These projects were intended to analyze public monuments as components of collective memory and the messages they send to future generations. Another three projects were directed at particular segments of the history, for example documentation of the memories of women who survived the war and children born after the war.

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Peace Dialogue NGO’s Request Was Rejected By The Administrative Court.

March 15, 2016

In a court hearing presided over by Judge Arman Dilanyan on March 11, 2016 the Administrative Court of Armenia decided to reject Peace Dialogue NGO’s complaint challenging the legitimacy of the classification of secret information mentioned in Section 17, Point 42 and 43 in the list provided by Executive Order N9 of the Ministry of Defense, dated July 9, 2015, and to partially annul the executive order.

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Civilian Control of the Military is not just a Concern of Democracies

March 04, 2016

“In a democracy, soldiers are citizens. It is that simple: they deserve to be treated as citizens, and they should not tolerate being treated otherwise, even if the military service, in training and operations, includes hardships and deprivations. An army that structurally violates the rights of its citizen-soldiers will lose legitimacy, and, in the long …

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Monuments are components of our collective memory

March 01, 2016

The idea of having a monument dedicated to the “Victims of March 1st” was raised by a group of young people in Vanadzor. They think that it is important to have such a monument first of all because it has been 8 years since the death of a group of protesters who were killed on …

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Arena: Community Theatre and Public Art

December 29, 2015
ARENA: Community Theatre and Public Art

The project strives to empower civil society groups from the above-mentioned post-Soviet/Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries so that they are more able to work together on strategies and methodologies that they can use in community work. The ARENA-project created a safe space for dialogue, mutual learning and ongoing educational activities for a group of participants who are motivated to work on suitable and sustainable strategies for community-based peace building.

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Lebanese lessons on Human Rights

December 10, 2015

This interview was conducted with Mr. George Ghali from the organization ALEF-act for human rights (ALEF) in Lebanon. It continues the Peace Dialogue series of interviews on the issue of human rights violations in the armed forces aimed at raising awareness about the effective protection of human rights in general and specifically about human rights in the armed forces.

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Public Discussion on Human Rights in the RA Armed Forces Held in Vanadzor

November 23, 2015

The meeting was organized in the framework of Peace Dialogue’s one-year project aimed at raising awareness among local and international communities about the human rights situation in the Republic of Armenia (RA) Armed Forces and mobilizing them to increase public demand for transparency, accountability, and greater respect for human rights in the military. Among the invitees were representatives of state institutions, NGOs, mass media and other interested parties.

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