The Administrative Court refused Peace Dialogue NGO’s appeal to oblige the Ministry of Defense to provide information.

May 06, 2017

The RA Administrative Court, presided over by judge Karen Zarikyan, during the court hearing on April 18, 2017 refused Peace Dialogue NGO’s appeal against the RA MoD which would require the Ministry of Defense to provide official information regarding the fatalities in the RA Armed Forces from 1994-2014 including the full names of the deceased soldiers, the location of the incident, the date, unit number, unit commander’s full name and title, the cause of death and all other unrestricted information.

After its request to provide information was rejected by the Ministry of Defense, the organization appealed to the court demanding to oblige the Ministry of Defense to provide the aforementioned information and calling for administrative penalties against now former Minister of Defense  Seyran Ohanyan for ignoring the organization’s inquiry.

By a decision of the court, the investigation of the appeal was temporary suspended pending the Court’s decision on a previous organization’s appeal to partially annul executive order N9, Section 1, Part 42 and 43 of  then Minister of Defense Seyran Ohanyan. After the latter case was rejected, the new appeal was taken out from suspension, reviewed and also rejected.