A Place for Peace and Ideas for Young Armenians

August 29, 2016
A Place for Peace and Ideas for Young Armenians
Photo: © 2016, Peace Dialogue. Author: Armine Zakaryan

Change will only come to Armenia when there is a critical mass of people who believe that change is not only desirable but also possible. Armenia is a country with a rich but troubled history. This history has taken its toll on the faith of many in Armenia to make the changes necessary to create a wealthier, more diverse and democratic society. This is particularly true among young people. Many young people in Armenia feel very little confidence in the ability of the society to improve itself.

This project will provide young people with a safe welcoming place to explore, discuss and discover the language, art and actions that make for a vibrant, diverse and democratic society. Here they can be free of the limits that bind the rest of Armenian society and dream of a world that they want to live. Together they will change and refine their own attitudes and create projects and actions that support the development of more diverse and democratic society. A society that creates jobs and opportunities for young people so that they can believe that they have a future here in Armenia and do not need to emigrate.

Global Giving logoCurrently the project is at the fundraising phase. You can see the details about the project and make a donation at the Global Giving website.


For more details, please contact Armine Zakaryan, Project leader at: mailbox@peacedialogue.am