January 19, 2016

Crisis Management Initiative (CMI), a Finnish independent non-profit organization, works to resolve conflict and to build sustainable peace. CMI is networking for peace, supporting local decision makers in building stability and encouraging conflict parties to a dialogue. The CMI way of doing things is pulling together international peacebuilding experts and local experience.

Over the past decade CMI has gained valuable knowledge of different peacebuilding and conflict solving methods. CMI tailors the models accordingly and turns thinking into action.
  • CMI contributes to conflict resolution through mediation, mediation support, dialogue and confidence building processes
  • CMI seeks to consolidate and sustain peace processes through supporting state capacity and participatory planning and prioritization


CMI was founded in 2000 by its Chairman President Martti Ahtisaari. The headquarters of the organisation are in Helsinki, Finland.

The Way We Work:

  • Solution and result oriented
    We seek to achieve and bring efficiency, quality and impact into mediation, conflict resolution and peace processes.
  • Participatory and inclusive
    We strive to design processes which build on local context by involving all and seek to empower especially those stakeholders who may be underrepresented in the peace process.
  • Holistic
    We work through combining analysis, action and advocacy.
  • Practical
    We develop tools which support decision making, engagement and governance in conflict and post-conflict environments
  • Collaborative
    We do not expect to achieve results by working alone. We achieve results by combining abilities, talent and resources

Contact details:

CMI office in Helsinki
Address: Eteläranta 12 (2nd floor); 00130 Helsinki; Finland
Telephone: +358 9 4242810
Telefax: +358 9 42428110
E-mail: cmi.helsinki(a)cmi.fi

CMI office in Brussels
Address: Rue Belliard 205, box 3; 1040 Brussels; Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 2392115
Telefax: +32 2 2303705
E-mail: cmi.brussels(a)cmi.fi
Web: http://www.cmi.fi