A video manual on your “CONSCRIPTION NOTICE”

February 09, 2015
Photo: © 2014, Peace Dialogue, “CONSCRIPTION NOTICE” video manual’s presentation at Peace Dialogue’s office.

On February 14, 2015 Peace Dialogue NGO organized the first public screening of a short animated film called “Conscription Notice”. The movie was prepared with the support of the PAX organization as part of the project Safe Soldier for Safe Armenia project. More than 40 people attended the event. There were civil society representatives, students, schoolchildren as well as soldiers and representatives of the local government in attendance.

After examining the reasons behind the offences and incidents in the military that resulted in the death of a soldier, Peace Dialogue NGO learned that some of the reasons for the many deaths in the military is due to the fact that neither the officers nor the conscripts are well informed about their rights. In fact, the film can act as a video manual on the soldiers’ rights. It tells the story of a young recruit who is to be drafted into the army. His grandfather tells him about the rights of a soldier and human rights in general.

After the screening one of the participants Levon Chilingaryan said that the “film contains information about human rights and it is very welcomed because it will raise awareness about human rights in the society and in the military in particular.”

We hope that film will be well accepted by the public and that it will be shown in schools and other venues around the country. Some former soldiers who were at the screening said that they liked the film and thought it would be great if it were to be shown to the public.

Referring to the target groups of the film, Edgar Khachatryan head of Peace Dialogue NGO said: “Our main target group is young people who are soon to be conscripted into the army. We hope that the film will be well accepted and in the near future we will be able to have screenings in schools. We believe that the movie will enable young conscripts to learn about their rights and hold discussions among their peers on the topics of human rights in the armed forces.”

The video was prepared in the framework of the Safe Soldiers for a Safe Armenia project of Peace Dialogue NGO supported by PAX organization.

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