January 21, 2016

Truth Justice Memory Center (Hafiza Merkezi) is an independent human rights organization set up by a group of lawyers, journalists and human rights activists in November 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Hafiza Merkezi aims to uncover the truth concerning past violations of human rights, strengthen the collective memory about those violations, and support survivors in their pursuit of justice.

Hafiza Merkezi implements a range of activities, including documentation in accordance with the universally accepted standards, monitoring of precedent cases, as well as dissemination of marginalized truths and narratives on these violations to a large section of society, with a view to support the recognition and rehabilitation of victims of such atrocities. Hafıza Merkezi uses a unique approach, as it gathers and accumulates knowledge and methodology from organizations dealing with similar issues in other post-conflict and post-authoritarian regions, develops them further through its everyday work and adapts the know-how into the Turkish context.

Websites: http://yeni.hafiza-merkezi.org/ and http://dealingwiththepast.org